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Change Management & Corporate Strategy Consulting

C- Level Executive coaching and sharing on implementing change in the organisation

Coaching C-Level Executives is to support and challenge a leader's understanding of their role as a systems thinker rather than a functional thinker. The sessions will also empower the leader to cascade down the new vision and cultural change in the organisation.

The coaching work can be executed at both individual and team levels for maximum impact when leading the change management.

Image by Roland Samuel
Stang-up Meeting

Mid to Senior level executive coaching and team building programs

A lot of mid to senior level managers often hit a glass ceiling and can't seem to break through to the next level. Many a times this is due to innate prohibitions and insecurities.

Through the sessions, we will help them unlock their potential and help them hit their own career milestones, which will be beneficial for the organisation.

Team building programs are also essential in change management and also to promote cohesion amongst the employees and streamline their perspective with the organisation's.

Corporate Strategy in expansion into South-East Asia Markets

With the shrinking of global economies, it is crucial for businesses to establish themselves in the region and globally.

We have the know-how and the capabilities to take your business closer to your clients in the region. Our team has experience setting up your business in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam. All these while getting the full support from Enterprise Singapore (ESG) through the various grants available to qualifying businesses.

Virtual Team Meeting

Business Contingency Planning Consultancy in Crisis

Crisis management is crucial to companies who want to survive through unprecedented pandemic and economy downturn.

We offer customised solutions to have a Business Contingency Plan (BCP) in place for unforeseen circumstances and also integrated and secured network for your employees to work remotely yet securing your confidential data in the cloud.

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