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Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Heng Kwang Han

Managing Partner & Founder

Kwang Han is a seasoned corporate banker in the Small & Medium Enterprise space, with specialisation in unsecured lending, short-term financing and commercial mortgage loans. His vast network of associates in the private funding space also helps clients to secure financing from private funders and institutions. Being a serial entrepreneur himself in the Construction and F&B industries, he understands first hand the problems faced by business owners and hence able to find creative solutions to problems they face. His regional network and other businesses in Malaysia and Vietnam also value adds to clients who wish to expand into South-East Asia market.


Heng Si Hui

Senior Partner

(Branding & Marketing)

Si Hui is a seasoned branding and social media marketing specialist and Founder of Studio 155.

With her artistic flair they have done notable work on branding for several key clients.

Si Hui's work on Social Media Marketing is also unparalleled with notable clients such as Glenfiddich, Heineken and 7-Eleven.

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