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Redesign Your Brand to Focus on Your Target Clients

Branding your firm to the taste of your clients is critical. Many a times, brands do not realise that their logo or slogan is not attracting their core clientele.

Being client-centric is the focus of this exercise. This includes the following:

 - Brand & Communication Audit

 - Customer Journey Mapping


Conceptualising and Creating your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media Marketing may seem easy, but it really is a balancing act to juggle between content and modes of delivery. At Hesed, we will help you outline your entire Social Media Marketing strategy and propose the various modes of delivery through our 5 Cs model:

 - Concern

 - Customise

 - Commence

 - Correct

 - Conclude

Re-Branding and Streamline your Corporate Identity

With the ever changing of culture and influences, it is important for brands to stay relevant and maintaining their corporate culture, mission and vision.

Our team will advise and streamline both the "old" and the "new" to take your business to the next level, by staying relevant and honouring the roots and culture of the brand.


Media Relations and Management Consultancy

Media Relations and Management is crucial to an organisation, no matter big or small. It is not just as simple as putting out a statement to the public.

Different scenarios require a different approach and tonality to the press release. At Hesed Advisory, we have a team of highly experienced public relations specialists, to craft each press release according to the various requirements.

With Social Media, any misplaced word or connotation will have a detrimental effect that will escalate beyond control if it goes viral. Having a trusted and experienced team, will definitely help bring your message across to the public in the most effective way.

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